Birthday Cakes

Make it an unforgettable birthday with Uncle Fluffy’s delectable birthday surprise that comes in all shapes and sizes – the world famous Japanese fluffy cake.

Soft, moist and bursting with delicious flavour, our Japanese fluffy cheesecakes are the best birthday cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that you can indulge in for this special occasion. Whether you want to surprise your loved one or you wish to treat yourself on your special day, a bite of our Japanese fluffy cheesecake is sure to make the occasion delightfully unforgettable.

Because life’s greatest moments deserve only the best birthday cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Birthdays are one of those special occasions that call for a touch of the extraordinary – and we have just what you’re looking for! With our superb range of Japanese fluffy cheesecakes, you’ll never have to celebrate birthdays with an ordinary cake.

Uncle Fluffy’s entry into the art of making Japanese cheesecakes has brought the missing element of surprise to Dubai’s usual variety of birthday cakes. Fill birthdays with a lavish dose of sweetness, softness and delectable goodness with the fluffiest Japanese cheesecakes in the city – only at Uncle Fluffy!

Even though there isn’t a lot left when it comes to decorating and designing the Japanese fluffy cake, we have still managed to make the magical Japanese cheesecake even more magnificent with some secret techniques that Uncle Fluffy has mastered.

Apart from drawing and writing the name with the help of whip cream, we can literally engrave the name of the person on the soft and sweet surface of the cake. If you have any special request and customization in mind, you can just come to us and we will leave no stone unturned to make your wish come true, with the help of our very own expert pastry chefs.

We offer birthday cake delivery services throughout Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including all popular locations.

Turn your usual birthday into the most memorable day of your life with the fluffiest and yummiest Japanese birthday cheesecake in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Order online or visit our stores in the following locations: Ibn Battuta Mall, Dragon Mart 1 and Jumeirah Park Pavilion.